Magento 2 Hyvä

Magento 2 Hyvä

This article discusses Hyvä Themes, the most accredited frontend technology currently available for creating fast and high-performing Magento 2 storefronts. We describe what Hyvä consists of and the advantages of its adoption. We also delve into the components of Hyvä, such as Hyvä UI and Hyvä Checkout, and discuss the Hyva Enterprise license for Adobe Commerce. Finally, we address the Hyvä Community and the compatibility aspects between Hyvä and third-party modules.


What is Hyvä?

Conceived by Willem Wigman, Hyvä represents a revolution in creating themes for Magento 2, offering an innovative alternative to Magento's standard front-end approach.

This technology radically transforms the Magento 2 front end, ensuring significantly higher performance than what can be achieved with a theme based on Luma.

Why Does Hyvä Offer High Performance?

The high performance offered by Hyvä stems from the technology stack used in its development, which significantly optimizes page loading times.

Let's analyze in more detail how Hyvä facilitates the development of highly performant Magento 2 frontends.

Hyvä optimizes managing JavaScript and CSS resources, often among the major causes of the slowdown in Magento-based sites.
Instead of using the JavaScript libraries RequireJS, jQuery, and KnockoutJS, which are extensively used in the Luma theme, Hyvä adopts the modern JavaScript framework AlpineJS. Thanks to AlpineJS, there is a significant reduction in the amount of JavaScript on the page and a decrease in the number of network requests, thus significantly improving page loading and rendering times.

In Hyvä, page optimization also significantly lightens the style sheets. Hyvä indeed adopts the CSS framework Tailwind CSS, which substantially reduces the weight of CSS on the front end.

Another important factor in optimization is the extensive use of Magento's ViewModels and removing unnecessary layout blocks, making the frontend faster to load and render.

Hyvä thus replaces Magento 2's default output with a leaner and more efficient one, improving the site's performance and making navigation smoother and faster.

Simplification of Development

With Hyvä Themes, the development of high-performance Magento e-commerce sites becomes more straightforward and faster compared to a headless solution: direct integration with Magento and reduced complexity in the front end make it easier to achieve optimized results in terms of speed and usability with less effort than headless solutions, which require more technical knowledge and more complex architecture.

Improvement of the Development Experience

Using Hyvä, developers can benefit from more modern and advanced web development tools than those used with Magento's default Luma theme. This improves the development experience and contributes to greater efficiency and productivity in coding, thanks to the use of technologies like AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS that simplify and speed up the work.

Moreover, since Hyvä utilizes Magento 2's XML layout system, developers with experience with Magento 2's standard front end can quickly adapt and leverage their existing skills. This eases the transition to Hyvä and allows for integrating new development practices without losing familiarity with Magento's structure.

Therefore, Hyvä is not just a beneficial option for merchants looking to enhance the performance and usability of their online stores, but it also represents a valuable choice for developers.

The growing Community of Hyvä, with its dynamism and continuous expansion, is a testament to the great appreciation and value this solution is gaining in the industry.

How to Obtain Hyvä?

To download and install Hyvä, purchasing a license for 1,000 € is necessary.

This license is valid for one Magento installation and allows use on unlimited domains and stores.

With the purchase of the Hyvä license, the following benefits are obtained:

  • Unlimited updates;
  • Full access to the code of Hyvä themes via Private Packagist and Gitlab;
  • Access to compatibility modules for third-party extensions;
  • Support and access to the Community on the private Hyvä Slack channel.

As of February 2022, access to the online Hyvä documentation is public.

Which Version of Magento Supports Hyvä?

The Hyvä theme is compatible with Magento 2.4.0 or later versions. Consequently, merchants using earlier versions of Magento will need to update their system to take advantage of the Hyvä theme.

A complete overview of Magento features supported by the Hyvä theme can be found at

As seen on the aforementioned page, almost all of the functions of Magento Open Source are already supported by the Hyvä theme.

Compatibility with Third-Party Extensions

Understanding that almost all Magento sites integrate third-party modules is crucial to understanding their immediate compatibility with Hyvä.

To ensure optimal functioning with Hyvä, Magento 2 extensions generally must be adapted to the theme's technology stack.

For this purpose, specific compatibility modules are required to adapt the JavaScript and CSS of modules created for Luma to AlpineJS and Tailwind CSS.

It is important to note that compatibility issues mainly concern the frontend part of the modules, excluding the administrative part and, in general, the backend of the extensions.

Hyvä is already widely supported by all major Magento module providers, including Amasty, Mirasvit, MageWorx and RedChamps, and the number of extensions compatible with Hyvä is constantly increasing. The high level of appreciation from the Magento community towards Hyvä has pushed module developers to invest in creating versions of their extensions compatible with Hyvä.

By visiting the Hyvä GitLab page at, you can consult the updated list of compatibility modules currently available and in development for the theme.

The Hyvä Community

Now very popular within the Magento ecosystem, Hyvä is establishing itself as the reference front-end solution thanks to its ability to innovate and significantly improve the user experience and performance of e-commerce sites. Its growing popularity is evidenced by the increasing number of developers and merchants joining the Community and the adoption of Hyvä by major brands for their e-commerce storefronts. Furthermore, the Hyvä team has grown over the years, enriched by prominent figures strengthening market confidence in this solution.

Hyvä has a dedicated Slack channel through which community members can participate in discussions, receive updates, ask questions, and collaborate with other users and developers of Hyvä.

In addition to Slack channels and social media, the Hyvä Meetups and "Meet Magento" events play a fundamental role in keeping an active and well-informed Hyvä community. These meetings offer unique opportunities for idea exchange, learning, and networking, contributing to strengthening and expanding the Hyvä community.

Hyvä UI

Hyvä UI is a user interface component library included for free with the Hyvä theme license. It is specifically designed to speed up and simplify the development of Hyvä stores. The library provides pre-built and ready-to-use components, compatible with Hyvä themes, that facilitate the rapid launch of Magento 2 stores using this theme.

Through this link, you can view the list of components included in Hyvä UI, while through this other link, you can access a video presentation of the library to deepen your understanding of it further.

Hyvä Checkout

Hyvä Checkout is a component of the Hyvä ecosystem developed to enhance the checkout experience in Magento 2 stores using Hyvä themes.

For purchasing Hyvä Checkout, there are two options available:

  • An annual subscription of €250 with payments starting from the second year.
  • An all-in package with a one-time payment of €1,000, valid for five years.

The Hyvä Checkout license, which currently requires a license for the Hyvä theme, includes one year of support and updates and is valid for a Magento 2 installation on unlimited domains and stores.

For an overview of the features of Hyvä Checkout and the supported payment methods, you can consult the Hyvä Checkout Feature Matrix.

Hyvä Enterprise

An Enterprise License specific to Adobe Commerce is also available for Hyvä.

This license, intended for those already owning a Hyvä license, costs €2,500 per year and covers numerous Adobe Commerce features, including Adobe Sensei and the B2B module.

Hyvä Case Study

One of the most significant Hyvä projects we have completed is the website With a storefront based on Luma, Zenzeroshop needed a refresh to offer its customers a better user experience. The switch to Hyvä, whose case study can be read at this link, has allowed for significant technological improvement and a clear improvement in all KPIs.

Creating a New Frontend Experience with Hyvä

Hyvä is currently the best technology for implementing high-performance Magento 2 frontends with significantly faster page loading speeds than Luma.

For Magento 2 sites updated to version 2.4.0 or higher, adopting this innovative theme allows full exploitation of the existing backend capabilities, enhancing performance and user experience.

Advanced Logic, an Adobe Solution Partner with certified Magento developers, is proud to be an Official Hyvä Supplier. Our deep expertise in Magento allows us to create high-quality sites using Hyvä themes, combining technical experience and innovation to best meet our client's needs.

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