Magento 2 site redesign and front-end migration to Hyvä

With a catalogue of around 7,000 products, many of which are available for immediate delivery, Zenzero Srl is one of the main Italian commercial players in the online sale of furniture and related products. Through its eCommerce, Zenzero Shop, the company offers a wide range of furnishing products, divided into categories such as living room, bedroom, furniture, bathroom, office, kitchen and outdoor, thus responding to all needs relating to interior spaces and exterior of the house.

The project's main objective was to offer Zenzero Shop customers a better user experience, improve the site's aesthetics, optimise it for navigation from mobile devices and reduce page loading times. This last aspect was particularly critical given that the previous version of the site, based on Luma, did not guarantee adequate page loading times.

The performance aspect assumed particular importance as the previous version of the site, based on Luma, did not guarantee satisfactory page loading times. The metrics used by Google to evaluate site performance also suggested the need to implement a more performing showcase.

Strengthened by our experience with Hyvä and having already appreciated its considerable potential, we have suggested adopting this technology to our customer. The proposal was greeted with enthusiasm, a sign of confidence in our expertise and Hyvä's potential.

We are proud of the work done for Zenzero Shop and of our collaboration with Hyvä. The new Magento 2 site, enriched by a complete redesign and a front-end migration to Hyvä, offers a superior user experience characterized by a modern design, intuitive navigation and advanced features.

The combination of functionality, aesthetics and performance of the new site has proven to be a success, helping to consolidate the online presence of Zenzero Shop and increasing customer satisfaction. With these improvements, Zenzero Shop today represents one of the best cases of e-commerce sites in the panorama of the furniture sector.

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