Advanced Logic is a Hyvä Bronze Partner

Advanced Logic is a Hyvä Bronze Partner

We are excited to announce that Advanced Logic has become a Hyvä Bronze Partner. This achievement comes at a particularly significant time, following the recent launch of the Hyvä partner program, which has opened new opportunities for agencies to stand out in the eCommerce sector. Since we adopted Hyvä technology in 2022, we have experienced firsthand the immense potential of this front-end platform in developing eCommerce solutions on Magento 2. Today, we want to share with you the significance of this recognition, the value of Hyvä, and how it will influence the future of our clients' projects.


The Hyvä Partner Program

The Hyvä Partner Program employs a point-based evaluation system to rank partners from 'bronze' to 'platinum' based on their contributions. These contributions include license purchases (directly or through clients), the creation of distinctive showcases, marketing efforts to promote the Hyvä brand, and a commitment to supporting the Hyvä community on Slack. The program includes a metric related to clients' Core Web Vitals performance to uphold the brand's reputation, especially regarding website quality and performance. This criterion emphasizes the importance of partners achieving high standards on both desktop and mobile. Partners are listed on the Hyvä website according to their level, with increasing benefits at each level, including recognition, co-branding opportunities, and feedback sessions for higher volume agencies.

Why Hyvä is the Top Choice for eCommerce Development

In an ever-evolving digital world, innovation and efficiency in web development are crucial for success. Hyvä has emerged as a revolutionary solution for development on Magento 2, offering unparalleled performance, an enhanced user experience, and significantly reduced page loading times. Our decision to adopt Hyvä in 2022 was driven by the desire to provide our clients with the most advanced and high-performing technologies. The Hyvä Specialists on our team have demonstrated exceptional skills, completing innovative projects like which exemplifies excellence in eCommerce development with Magento and Hyvä.

What It Means to Be a Hyvä Partner

Becoming a Hyvä Partner is not just recognizing our commitment and competence in developing with Hyvä. Still, it also symbolizes our position within a newly formed community of Partner Agencies. This status reflects our ongoing commitment to excellence and our ability to keep up with the latest innovations and implement them for our client's benefit. As Hyvä experts, we commit to providing cutting-edge eCommerce solutions that offer the best user experience.

The Importance of the Hyvä Community

Being part of the Hyvä Partner Agencies network allows us to strengthen our reputation as developers and Hyvä specialists while also ensuring greater visibility in the sector. Access to the Slack channel and GitHub for support is precious, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the world of Hyvä and stay constantly updated on the latest news and best practices of the solution. However, the Hyvä community extends beyond just Partners, including a wide range of actors: from merchants, who prefer the platform for its efficiency and superior performance, to developers and module suppliers, who are dedicated to expanding and enriching the ecosystem. This synergy among the members fuels a dynamic and collaborative environment, promoting accelerating innovation and continuously improving the platform's capabilities.

Commitments and Future Goals

Recognized as Hyvä Bronze Partners, we enthusiastically look forward to the future. We will continue to refine our skills in Hyvä, providing our long-standing and new clients with cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations. Our commitment is to maintain a leadership position, offering innovations that anticipate and meet emerging needs in the industry. We aim to quickly elevate our status within the Hyvä partnership program, consolidating our commitment and strengthening our influence in the Hyvä landscape.


Becoming a Hyvä Bronze Partner is a significant milestone and marks the beginning of new challenges and opportunities. Our journey with Hyvä has allowed us to push beyond traditional eCommerce development boundaries, introducing solutions that significantly elevate the user experience and enhance the performance of our clients' sites. Our commitment is focused on further consolidating our position in the sector, aiming to offer increasingly innovative and high-quality services. With this vision, Advanced Logic asserts itself as the ideal partner for companies looking to explore and exploit the potential of e-commerce, promising cutting-edge solutions that meet and exceed expectations.

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