Migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and creation of a new online sales platform.

Abiti Professionali, one of the most important Italian retailers of workwear products, switches to Magento 2 with a latest-generation eCommerce solution by Advanced Logic.

Abiti Professionali had an interest in relaunching its online commercial presence based on a Magento 1 site now obsolete both from a graphic and functional point of view. In addition to an agency able to better understand its needs, Abiti Professionali was looking for a technological partner with significant experience on Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration projects.

Continuing to use Magento for the new eCommerce platform was, for Abiti Professionali not only completely natural but also necessary considering that the Company deals with products of multiple brands each of which has a specific dedicated site.

With the migration to Magento 2, a renewed site was created that embodies the excellence of Magento eCommerce sites. With attention to every detail and with a modernised user interface, the new site offers the user a unique shopping experience both from desktop and mobile.

The search function and navigation levels with its multiple filtering options make possible rapid and targeted consultations in the product catalogue. Products with colour variations are presented effectively, and the embroidery preview feature allows the user to view a preview of the customization he intends to purchase. The checkout procedure, with a single screen and with six payment options, including Amazon Pay and Klarna, further contributes to guaranteeing a widely positive shopping experience.

The migration project was also an opportunity to improve various aspects related to the performance and SEO optimization of the site.

Fully integrated with the company management system and also improved in terms of performance and SEO optimization, the new eCommerce Magento 2 platform allows Professional Clothes to offer its customers the best possible service and to exploit the potential of the online channel in the best way.

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