Magento 2 eCommerce design and implementation.

Biviva is a newly established online retailer operating in the field of DIY articles and related products.

The Client's needs regarding the eCommerce platform to implemented were very clear from the beginning. In addition to being scalable and widely optimized for mobile navigation, the online store had to be able to integrate itself optimally with the company's multi-channel sales strategy. 

The result of the work carried out is a webstore that provides a pleasant shopping experience from any device and which, thanks to a centralized inventory management, allows the company to operate with maximum efficiency on all the channels where it is present.

In addition to start selling through the site, Biviva would in fact simultaneously open a commercial presence on the two major online marketplaces, Amazon and eBay.

The implementation of targeted SEO interventions, the launch of Google Shopping campaigns and the promotion on Amazon Advertising, completed the project by getting straight to the customer important results eCommerce.

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